On Reservation

Full Day: 500.00

Half Day: 250.00

Hourly: 100.00

Or Package Deal

Off Reservation:

Full Day: 1000.00 + Mileage – Price of package included (pick a package)

Half Day: 500.00 + Mileage – Price of package included (pick a package)

Hourly: 100.00 + Mileage + Price of package

Activities offered

Games, Stories, Singing, Dancing, Informational Presentations, and Crafts.

Indoor Activities

Stickgame, Making Stickgame Sets, Leg Wrestling, Ring & Stick, Necklace Making, Paper Tipis, Pouches, Mini Hoop & Dart Sets, Stories, and Canoe Paddles.

Outdoor Activities

Shinny, Hoop & Dart, Double Ball, Relay Races, Tug-o-War, Run and Scream, and Relay Races.


(Includes Museum Tour, Native Games, and your choice of Craft within each of the packages.) 

Chipmunk package (100.00)

Museum Tour/necklaces/paper tipis/movies/stories/ring and stick/ brief history/ games (recommended for Grades K-3)

Fox Package (150.00)

Museum Tour/Games/ pouch making/mini parfleche/ trunk/ more in-depth history (recommended for Grades 3-5)

Eagle Package (200.00)

Museum Tour/Games / stick game sets/ hoop and dart sets/ chokers/ canoe paddles/ stories/ elaborate history/ trunk (recommended for Grades 5-8)

Bear Package (250.00) 

Museum Tour/Games/ mini moccasins/ breast plates/ cradle boards/ chokers/ trunk/ stories/songs /trunk / very elaborate history (recommended for grades 8-12)


The minimum fee for all performers will be $100.00 per performer. For elderly performers (50+) the minimum fee is $150.00 per elder. 

Types of Performances Offered

Drumming and Singing (Solo or Group), Dancing (Original style or Contemporary), Story Telling, Flute Playing.